Feathers ~ Inspired by Psalm 91
Feathers ~ Inspired by Psalm 91
Feathers ~ Inspired by Psalm 91

Feathers ~ Inspired by Psalm 91

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"Feathers" is a prophetic painting on an 8x10 canvas, drawing inspiration from Psalm 91:4. This artwork beautifully portrays God's ability to shield and protect us under His wings, guarding us from every danger and harm.

The background color of the painting is white, symbolizing purity and divine light. It represents the foundation of God's presence and serves as a backdrop for the vibrant feathers that will be depicted.

The feather takes center stage in the artwork, showcasing a combination of violet, teal, red, pink, and orange colors. These colors were chosen for their symbolic significance in conveying different aspects of God's protective nature. Violet represents spirituality and devotion, reminding us of the sacred shelter that God provides. Teal, reminiscent of the calmness of water, signifies tranquility and peace, illustrating the serenity that comes from resting in God's presence. Red symbolizes strength and power, highlighting God's mighty defense against any threat. Pink represents love and tenderness, reminding us of God's compassionate care. Orange signifies warmth and energy, symbolizing the dynamic and active nature of God's shielding presence.

The fluid art technique is employed to create the feather shape with its vibrant colors. The fluidity of the painting reflects the gentle movement of the feather, representing the enveloping and protective embrace of God's wings.

To enhance the painting's appearance and protect it, a gloss varnish finish is applied. The gloss varnish adds a smooth and polished surface, intensifying the colors and ensuring the longevity of the artwork.

"Feathers" is a visual representation of God's promise in Psalm 91:4 to shelter and protect us under His wings. It serves as a reminder that God is our refuge, shielding us from every danger and providing a safe haven in times of distress. Through its vibrant colors, fluid art technique, and gloss varnish finish, the painting captures the beauty and depth of God's protective presence, inspiring trust and assurance in His unwavering care.

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