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Names of God

name of god-sar-shalom

Name of God - Sar-Shalom: Prince of Peace

Today, we will be focusing on Him as the Prince of Peace. Sar-Shalom is derived from two Hebrew words. Sar, according to the Hebrew Strong’s Dictionary, means a head person (of any rank or class), a captain (that had rule), lord, and of course prince. By being the Son of the Creator, if we where to use royal titles to describe Jesus, that would obviously make Him, Prince. The Hebrew Strong’s Dictionary defines Shalom (shaw-lome’) as safe, well, rest, and peace. It is also seen spelled shalowm (same pronunciation).
name of god-jehovah-shalom

Name of God - Jehovah-Shalom: The Lord Is Peace

You may have heard some of your Jewish friends greet one another with the customary “Shalom”. This is the Hebrew word for peace. While the meaning of Shalom is peace, it is a figurative meaning of this word. The literal translation means well. However, there are many meanings of this word to include, safety, prosperity, well-being, deliverance, harmony, blessings, and more. I would encourage you to dive into some lexicons online and dig a bit further into this word. It is no wonder then that our Jewish friends use it as a greeting.