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Names of God

Name of god-basileus basileon

Name of God - Basileus Basileon: King of King

Today’s Name of God may look familiar to you. Last week, we went over a name of God that shared the same root word. Paul used it in an Epistle to Timothy as describing God to be King Eternal. In today’s name, we see John the Beloved telling us, in the Book of Revelation, what he saw on the robe and thigh of Jesus. This is extremely significant and should not be taken lightly.
Name of god-Basilei ton Aionon

Name of God - Basilei ton Aionon: King Eternal

Basilei, which comes from the Greek word basileus (bas-il-yooce’), which is a masculine singular noun meaning sovereign king. Sovereign, as a noun, means a supreme ruler. As an adjective, it means possessing supreme or ultimate power. As you can see, the word Paul used here in Greek has a far stronger meaning than just king. It’s as if he’s saying the King of kings. If we pause for a moment and let that word sink in, one can’t help but to be in awe of this description. During this time period,  kings were known to be the final authority on everything. They answer to no one. So to be the King of all kings, that’s some serious power and authority.