Name of God - Yahweh-Channun: God of Grace

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Yahweh-Channun: God of Grace

Daily Verse: “The Lord is gracious and righteous; our God is compassionate.”

Psalm 116:5 HCSB

Let's Talk About It: The names of God that we have and are going over are characteristics and attributes of the one and only true living God. They remind us of His nature, the awesome things He has done, and the wonderful things He will do for His children. Many have argued this fact without understanding that God's promises are conditional and unconditional. That means there are things that we must do on our part and things that we don’t have to worry about doing to receive.

Prayer, faith, obedience, and repentance are excellent foundational blocks to use when confronted with or facing conditional promises. Channun (khan-noon’) is an example being unconditional. This is the Hebrew word for grace. According to the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary, grace is “undeserved favor granted by a superior to an inferior…it is often referred to as "the undeserved favor of God.”

In Psalms 116, the Psalmist is speaking about a time when he was faced with imminent death by his enemies. God heard his plea for help and delivered him from certain death. In addition, the psalmist proclaims the Lord is gracious and righteous. He never mentions of having to do anything deserving of receiving God’s grace. In fact, he says “…I was helpless and He saved me” (Psalms 116:6 HCSB).

I heard a pastor explain it like this. You are in an old model car driving down the highway speeding. You’re going about 40 miles over the speed limit and is pulled over by the police. The officer gives you the keys to a new car and sets you free. There’s no sign of condemnation and instead…generosity, mercy, and favor. God always shows grace to us. The only difference in His grace is that sometimes, there may be instances where to receive it, all you have to do is reach out with your hands to receive it, just like the speeding motorist who held his hand out to receive the keys from the officer. It’s there. You can choose to accept or refuse.

If you are reading this and do not know or have not accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I have Good News, you can do so by reading this article and saying the included prayer for salvation. God’s grace is given through His Son Christ Jesus.  Our Heavenly Father is full of mercy and grace. And it is new every morning. May Yahweh-Channun, God of Grace, shine upon you all the days of your life. – Kevin


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