Name of God - Maon: Dwelling Place

name of god-maon

Daily Verse: Lord, through all the generations you have been our home!

☆ Psalms 90:1 NLT

Let's Talk About It: Maon is a Hebrew name derived from the noun ma'on which means abode, habitation (dwelling place). We can also find this name in 1 Samuel 25:2 where it is the name of a hill country in the allotted territory of Judah. Here, David was hiding from Saul and also met his wife Abigail. Let’s explore closer at this name of God.

Have you ever had a hard day at work and said to yourself that you could not wait to get home or maybe experienced something terrible, felt sad, or felt ill while out in public, and said I just want to go home? What really blows our minds is saying we can’t wait to get home when we’re on some vacation trips. If you’re like me, friends, you’ve experienced them all. Why do we tend to always want to go home when things are not going well or if away for an extended amount of time? It’s because we know that our home…our dwelling place, is a place we feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, at peace, and it is especially a place we can regenerate from enduring the strain and stress placed on us while outside our home. 

 When we are dwelling in the presence of God our Father, we experience a peace and comfort like nothing of this natural world can bring. We are protected, an overwhelming peace comes over us which all cares of the world and moment drift away into non-existence. And we are replenished. Doesn’t this sound like a place you would never want to leave, not even for a second? Moses testifies in his prayer of how God has been their home for generations, in Psalms 90:1 NLT. 

In Psalms 84, the sons of Korah describe how wonderful this dwelling place is. It is even written that one day in His presence is better than a thousand days elsewhere (paraphrased). You cannot get better than that. So friends, when you’re struggling to press through your day and you’re weary or maybe not in a good place mentally, call out to our Father. He always wants to hear from you and always, with open arms, wants you to dwell in His presence where you can rest , be loved on, and comforted. He is Maon, our dwelling place…our Home. – Kevin

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