Name of God - Elohim: Mighty God

Elohim: Mighty God

Daily Verse: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

Genesis 1:1 HCSB

Let's Talk About It: This name of God has been contested by many throughout the centuries. Some say it was used to denote pagan gods. Others understand it to be the original word used for God. Some say it did not originally denote plurality (more than one), others say it has denoted pluralism from the beginning. The fact is, we will not be arguing or debating theology or accuracy of theological claims concerning this name.

In our expedition of getting closer to God through the study of His names, we understand that the enemy of our souls would love to cause more division however he can, so in our quest for understanding, we have also pursued unity. It has been our hope throughout this study and these devotions that we as a body would be more unified in our understanding of who God is, not arguing over what certain scholars say and how that directly opposes what other scholars say.

The KM Hebrew Dictionary suggests that the meaning of this name is plural in form but singular in meaning. This captures the essence of who God is – a Trinitarian Being – 3 persons, one God. The idea of the trinity is one in which many people have struggled to understand. Elohim is also defined as mighty one, great one, or judge. The Concise Dictionary of Classical Hebrew defines Elohim as a divine being, deity, or ghost. It is interesting to note that this name of God is used 2,600 times in the Old Testament and was considered to designate the One True God. It is also believed that this name contains plurality to indicate the fullness of His power and the majesty of His kingly rule.

There are no shortages of examples of God’s might throughout Scripture. In my opinion, there are a few that present the fullness of His power, the creation story, the plagues of Egypt, and the parting of the Red Sea. Each of these stories showcase that not only is God powerful, but His power is far reaching. With the simple words He spoke, all creation came into being (Gen. 1:3). Imagine the power! When He speaks, things happen! Not only that, but it’s impossible for them not to!

When God desired to save His people from slavery, to call them out as a holy nation and set them apart, He brought on plagues to Egypt (Ex. 7-11). If pharaoh would have heeded Moses, the plagues would not have occurred, but it’s human nature to think that since we have free will, we have full control and pharaoh was no different. Coming from one of the most advanced civilizations at the time, Egypt, pharaoh thought he was God. Needless to say, and as the evidence suggests, he was not. I’m sure he never fathomed seeing water turned to blood, or frogs cover the land so much so that they infiltrated homes and even ended up in food as people were cooking.

I’m sure he never thought he’d see gnats swarm like dust in a dust storm, covering everyone and everything, or since dead frogs and gnats covering everything, flies swarmed – so much so that they covered the ground. Picturing this is what some nightmares are made of. I’m sure he never thought all the livestock of Egypt would die followed by festering boils covering all remaining animals and every Egyptian, and if I was a betting woman, I’d bet he didn’t think a hailstorm would come to the desert. These blocks of ice falling from the sky weren’t golf ball sized. They weren’t even softball sized. They were livestock sized. We’re talking about thousands of pounds of ice falling in the desert.

So far, God has showcased His power over water, the things of the earth, the creatures of the land, the bodies and health of animals and people, the sky, and the land. Still, pharaoh did not repent nor relent. The final plagues affected the life of every Egyptian directly. Locusts swarmed and ate up every ounce of grain, barley, and anything else growing, even that which was in storage in case of famine. Then God darkened the sky. Along with that, all work stopped. We see the damage of the world stopping for 30 days. It’s been nearly three years and there is still “supply chain issues.” When a civilization stops working, there are multiple, long-lasting effects.

Finally, pharaoh would encounter the worst of all the plagues, and it surely was something he never believed would happen – every first born would be put to death.  In these then plagues, God showcased the breadth of His might, and afterward not only would the Hebrews be set free, but everyone in all the land also knew exactly who their God was and what He was capable of.

But even after all that, pharaoh returned to try to take the Hebrews back to Egypt (Ex. 19:10-30). God then parted the Red Sea so they could escape only for pharaohs men to be drowned when they tried to cross after them. Diving expeditions at Nuweiba Beach have allowed archaeologists to find chariot wheels, axels, and human and horse remains throughout the 1970s ,1990s, and even into the 21st century. While some try to debunk the factual nature of the findings, many articles from reputable sources are available via the internet for further study.

Clearly Elohim is a Mighty God! All things are under His control, ALL things. No matter what anyone thinks will change that. Some people don’t believe that which can be proven to them, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it still true. Our God is an awesome God! He is amazing! He is mighty! He is Elohim! – Crystal

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