Name of God - El Deah: The God of Knowledge

El Deah: The God of Knowledge


Daily Verse: “Do not boast so proudly, or let arrogant words come out of your mouth, for the LORD is a God of knowledge, and actions are weighed by Him.”

1 Samuel 2:3 CSB

Let's Talk About It: As we dive into this name of God, we must remember that “El” in the Hebrew means God. “Deah (day-ah)” stands for knowledge. It can also mean special, knowledge, or omniscient. It is clear, then, that God simply doesn’t possess knowledge, but special knowledge. He isn’t just wise, but omniscient. If we understand the richness of this word, then we might read this verse like this, Do not boast so proudly or let arrogant words come out of your mouth, for YHWH (Yahweh) is an omniscient God (or God of special information), and actions are weighed by Him.

It is indeed true, He is omniscient, and His knowledge far surpasses our own. The Bible says that His ways are higher than our ways (paraphrase of Isaiah 55:8-9). This is most assuredly so. I was speaking with a friend a few days ago about how she was able to make it through the hurricane without losing power. Very few were able to say such as the storm was nearly 500 miles wide and covered nearly the entire peninsula of Florida. Her situation was unique. In fact, it was a miracle! Allow me to explain further.

This friend of mine has a rental property. She was renting it out when she saw that those staying in her home were destroying it. She had to evict them and was truly devastated and heartbroken by all the damage they caused. It would take a few months to retore the home to livable conditions. However, when her and her husband lost power in their home during the hurricane, they went to check on the rental property and found it had electricity. In fact, it never lost electricity. While she was devastated at the fact that these people had treated her home this way, if it were not for her evicting them, she would not have had a place to stay with electricity to ride out the storm. This is the omniscient, special knowledge of God!

He sees what is coming when we don’t. He understands what we will be facing days, weeks, months, and years from now. Some of us are facing seemingly insurmountable mountains, however, we must remember that God can move our mountains if we have faith that He will. He will use the seasons of climbing to prepare us for what is next and strengthen our faith. He is a good, good Father, and He wants what is best for us, even when our circumstances don’t seem to coincide with this.

Therefore, we are to not let arrogant words come out of our mouths. My friend could have spoken harshly about those individuals. She could have questioned God and why He allowed those renters to even do what they did, but rather than gripe about it, she trusted God must have had a good reason for it. And He did.

Have you ever faced a season in which it seems like everything is crumbling down around you? I’ve got good news then, friend, something greater, and even better than you can imagine, is on the horizon. Just keep trusting God. Don’t worry about the why. Keep pressing forward. Keep climbing your mountain. Keep running your race. And remember, the story isn’t over if the story isn’t good! – Crystal

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