Name of God - El Chaiyai: God of My Life

El Chaiyai: God of My Life

Daily Verse: “The Lord will send His faithful love by day; His song will be with me in the night—a prayer to the God of my life.”

Psalm 42:8

Let's Talk About It: We see again, in this Name of God, that El is being used. As Crystal mentioned in a previous Name of God post, El means God in Hebrew. Chaiyai (Hy-Yay) is the word used for life. This chapter in Psalms may be a little tougher to read than most, due to the sense of grief and depression that the writer is going through. Yet, it still holds an awesome message.

Diving deeper into this chapter, the writer is suffering from oppression and depression. The writer’s enemies are also taunting him because of his trust and faith in God saying, “where is your God?” While praying to God, the writer reminds himself of who God is, why he serves Him, and in whom his faith lies in. Through this terrible season he’s in, the writer acknowledges that the God he serves (our God) is the God of his life and he will still praise him.  

When I was a Christian still “drinking from milk,” I remember always hearing that we should praise God at all times; in the good and in the bad – praise Him always. I never really understood that. One of the awesome things about God is that as you truly seek Him, He will faithfully reveal the truths and understandings that you require and desire.

When Crystal and I decided to move out of the apartment we lived in and purchase a house, some of the things we were looking for was a house in the rural part of a city, a lot of land, and a lake/pond on the property. If you ever been house hunting, you know that you have to compromise on many things that you want. Well, we found the perfect home for us. It had everything we were looking for, minus (technically) the lake or pond. The “pond” on my property is actually a huge protected wetland. However, when we were house hunting, it had no water in it. It was simply a dry lakebed.

I prayed and prayed for the pond to have water in it and fish. I didn’t know how it would happen, yet I continued to pray. A few months after we purchased our home, a terrible hurricane hit. The next year, another terrible hurricane hit. We had to evacuate. It was really bad. We had several trees fall, roof damage, and severe flooding on our land. As you can see, it seems like we were facing nothing but tragedy. Could we praise God in this situation?

Here's the lesson God taught us to let us know that He is the God of our life, as the psalmist wrote. Our insurance covered the roof repair and clearing of the debris. We did not have to come out of pocket for any repairs. Of the numerous trees that fell, none landed on our house. And even more amazing, the pond was filled completely with water. God answered my prayers!

In addition, the pond filled with so much water that it actually looks like a small lake. Its borders had increased. That was over six years ago. The water has never receded. PRAISE GOD! When you make God the God of your life, He remains as such, even when your circumstances appear to be less favorable.  He’s always working for good in your life. The one true God is El Chaiyai...the God of My Life. Is He the God of your life? PRAISE HIM ALWAYS AND IN ALL TIMES, PRAISE HIM! – Kevin

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