Weekly Devotion ~ Week of September 10, 2018 ~ Prayer

What is prayer?

Did you know that prayer is a powerful weapon we have to help us battle against the evil one? The Bible mentions prayer roughly 650 times. Out of those 650 prayers, 450 of those are answered. For those mathematicians reading this, that a percentage of nearly 70% of prayers being answered! The Bible speaks of 25 individual times Jesus prayed. When The Father brought this to mind after asking for his direction for this week, I immediately started doing research. I began to desire to go deeper into this topic so the first thing I did was look at the definition of the word prayer in the Greek and Hebrew.


Proseuche is the Greek word

for prayer that is most commonly used, especially in the New Testament (127 times to be exact). It is actually made from two different Greek words, pros & euche.



means close, up-front, intimate contact with someone else, face-to-face



means a wish, desire, prayer or vow


Tfilia in Hebrew

means prayer. It is defined as an introspection that results in bonding between the creature and the Creator, as a child would bond with his/her father.

Has God began to speak to you yet? Are you beginning to understand WHY prayer is so important and what makes it so powerful? Prayer is NOT meant to be a place where you go to ask God for what you want, but prayer is a place you enter into in order to get closer to God. It is the secret place where you abide in His shadow and He is able to pour into you! This is why there are so many promises associated with this action, or better yet, heart posture!
To better understand the heart posture I am speaking of, I cannot finish this devotion without specifically providing you with a powerful word from God I received. It is as follows:

Belief vs. Faith

 Believing in God and living for God are two different things. When we transition from believing God's word to living God's word, then we allow ourselves to be used by God. When we stop asking what we can do for God or what we can gain from God, and begin submitting to His ways, then we begin to allow Him to work through us and in, our lives.

Belief in English = an ACCEPTANCE that a statement is true or that something exists

 Faith in English = COMPLETE TRUST or confidence in someone or something

 Are you a believer? Or faithful follower of Jesus? As you can see from above, there is a difference. However, let's look at the Hebrew of these two words as it is important to do so.

 Aman in Hebrew

speaks of certainty and thus can mean TO CONFIRM OR AFFIRM (You believe in the existence of God)

 Emunah in Hebrew means

something or someone that is FIRM IN THEIR ACTIONS (Your actions and steps are directed by God, you do not move without His direction. You rely solely on Him!)


Your faith and prayer life

work hand in hand! Do you see that?!


Before you move on further, I would urge you to meditate on all this newfound knowledge. It is my prayer for you to sit in the quietness of God's spirit today in prayer and allow Him to further reveal himself to you. I pray that you would fully open yourself to the Lord and allow him in so that you may strengthen or begin your relationship with God. I pray that this time will help to increase your faith so that you may begin to do His works and fulfill the purpose and calling He has placed on your life! He loves you and He is waiting...will you heed His call?

 Flyer - Weekly Devotion ~ Week of September 10, 2018 ~ Prayer


God hears every single one of your prayers! Yep, every single one! That doesn't mean you will receive your answer when YOU want it, but it does mean that He hears you and is working on your behalf! When we are hurting, this is not easy to remember, but absolutely necessary for our spiritual growth and development. Stay steadfast in your faith and thank Him in advance for what He is doing in your life!

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Are you in need of healing? I believe we all are in need of some form of healing or another, whether it be emotional, physical, mental, etc. Do you allow other believers into your innermost circle and confess to them your worries, hurts, etc? The Bible specifically speaks on this topic in the book of James and how this tool can be used to impact our prayer life as well. Can I challenge you to begin to pray with others? I assure you, it will change your prayer life for the better!

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Here's another reminder that God is always listening. While He is near to the righteous, the wicked are left to their own devices. I don't know about you, but we celebrate the word of God and the rules it lays out for us. While many believe they have to completely change their lives, those who have a relationship with Jesus realize that it is only through the Holy Spirit we are both convicted and able to make the changes. If we could change without Him, why would we need Him? The simple answer is that we can only take ourselves so far; God is the miracle worker! He IS our source!

 Person - Weekly Devotion ~ Week of September 10, 2018 ~ Prayer


Did you read that?! Read it again! Let it soak into your soul and allow the Lord to write it on your heart! It is a promise made to you that deserves of your rejoicing. If you are in relationship with Jesus, and He truly abides in you, then all that you ask will be done for you! If that doesn't get you excited, I'm not sure if anything else can! Jesus loves you! He loves you so much that whatever you ask, He will provide as long as it aligns to God's will for your life. While some may read that last sentence and get discouraged, thinking, 'does that mean, there are some of my desires that will not be answered?' Rather than having that mode of thought, begin to align yourself to God and HIS desires for your life. In doing so, His desires become your own and your prayers begin to align to His will as well; assuring that they may be answered and fulfilled, just as His word promises!


Are you in need of prayer? We are always accepting prayer requests through Facebook messenger, Instagram @the_art_of_prayer or through email!

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