Daily Devotional - March 13, 2021

Business Card - Daily Devotional - March 13, 2021

💚 Worship: If you'd like to play a song before you begin or while you read, may we recommend "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus" by Steffany Gretzinger. Why not try asking alexa, siri, or google to play it for you?! 

💛 Daily Verse: Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.
☆ Matthew 11:28 NLT

❤ Let's Talk About It: So many of us think we need to have it all together when we go to Jesus.

The truth is, it is only once we are saved and get near Him that we see ourselves covered in filth. I know many people who have claimed to be good people only to declare themselves depraved when they begin to walk and talk with the Lord.

The best thing about Jesus though, is that He understands our plight. While He was fully God and fully man, He was able to live without sinning. We have no deity, and are mere mortals. Jesus understands this and He showers compassion on us.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but Jesus doesn't need you to get it all together before you submit to Him. He is ready to carry all your sins and give you rest, but you have to be willing to submit to Him and make Him Lord of your life.

The Good News is that God is Jesus and He wants to save you from yourself.

It's time, friend...

Stop trying to wash yourself when you haven't been taught how to bathe, and turn to the ONLY ONE who can help, Jesus!

When I first found the Lord, I was a drug addict that had ZERO self worth and struggled for years with suicidal thoughts. I even put those thoughts into action on more than one occasion.

Yet and still, Jesus still saw fit to save me.

It doesn't matter what your struggling with today, friend, Jesus love you and He is calling out to you.

Will you heed His call? Will you give Him a chance? You've tried life your way...why not try it His way and see how that works out?

I can't promise it's all rainbows and sugar plums, but I will tell you that there is a fullness of life and joy that is unattainable any other way.

So what she you waiting for? Dive in! The Living Water is perfect!

🧡 Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for saving me, even when I was filthy and didn't have it together. Thank you for encouraging me to share parts of my testimony I struggle to admit at times. For Your Word says that we overcome the enemy by the word of our testimony. Thank you Lord, for those who have submitted or re-dedicated their life to you today. Father, I pray that you would inundate their lives with mature Christians who will dosciple them and teach them how to walk in your Holy Spirit and live according to your Word. Lord, you know my heart, and I pray you would shine a light on any root of bitterness, anger, hurt, unforigiveness, sin or anything  else that separates me from You. Thank you for your mercy and compassion Lord. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for guiding my steps. May Your will be done, Father. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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