Week of September 24, 2018 ~ Don't give up!

This week has not been easy for me. This weekly devotion being late is just an indication of the battle I have been fighting. As I continue to mature in my faith, I have come to realize that everything...absolutely EVERYTHING...is tied to the spiritual war we are constantly fighting. Just as our skin is an indicator of problems within the body, what we can see with our eyes is an indication of what is happening within the spiritual realm...the battle going on, and maybe sometimes even raging, that we cannot see.

My family and I are walking through some things right now and it is an all out spiritual war for our souls, of that I am sure. The incomprehensible pain I have been dealing with has kept me from writing this devotion. For those who look to this for encouragement each week, I want to apologize for being late. I don't take this calling I accepted lightly and I thank God for it, so I apologize for not keeping up with it in a more efficient and timely manner.

I just kept thinking, what in the world can I tell these people? How can I inspire others when my soul aches and I am having to cling to your word, God, on a near constant basis just to make it through the day and remember what I am fighting for?

After my cry, He answered, "You don't speak to them. You allow me to speak to them through you. Tell them about your sufferings. There are others suffering. Tell them they are not alone. Tell them to keep fighting! Sweet child, it's never too late. You are still in the race, just keep moving, one step at a time, to the finish line."

So, here I am...telling you...it's not over. You may feel down, but you are NOT out! Anything speaking otherwise is a lie straight from the enemy! You are not alone! God is fighting for us, we need only be still. He works to prosper us, not to harm us. He takes back ALL the enemy stole! Remember sweet friend, times are not always easy. We were not promised easy. If we seek to truly follow Jesus, our lives should look much like His did...and it was filled with suffering.

Through my suffering, I will continue to praise my God. He will continue to get all the glory because I know that nothing, absolutely nothing, that I walk through is void in purpose. He has a plan for every step, every breath, every moment of our lives. Before we were born, as He formed us in our mother's womb, He had a specific plan for each and every one of us. He brings healing to me as I write this, and is hopefully bringing healing to you, my sweet friends, reading.

I am praying for the brokenhearted and those broken in spirit this week. My heart aches right alongside yours. Whatever you do, do NOT give up! God's purpose cannot be stopped and nothing the enemy attempts to do to us or those we love will stop God's divine plan for our lives.

I almost went silent this week. I almost let that scoundrel win, but then I realized, it's never been ME speaking to you anyhow. It's been the Lord, using my life, my testimony, my gifts, to speak to you.

Listen...He's calling...do you hear Him?

Nature - Week of September 24, 2018 ~ Don't give up!


What do we do when we're not prepared for the obstacle in the road that we face? How do we fight our battles as Christians when we are faced with opposition? We rely on God, that's how!

If we could fight our own battles and demons, we wouldn't need Jesus. We do not use the same tools and strategies of this world, but rather let our praise, prayers, and relationship with God through the understanding of His word, guide us! We must sit still and let Him work!

What is it you are needing from God today? How are you fighting for it? Let prayer be your answer today...

I dare you to just sit and pray!

Grass - Week of September 24, 2018 ~ Don't give up!


Sometimes life is overwhelming. We do what is right. We do what is just. We are faithful to God. But bad things still happen. That's because the accuser is always roaming around, looking for someone to kill or destroy; looking for joy to steal.

We are all in battle right now. The battle never ends, actually. We have to make a conscious effort every day to remember & stand on God's word. It doesn't promise life will be easy, but it does promise peace (that surpasses all understanding), joy, and love...the greatest of these being love.

No matter what you face today, remember God is on your side. HE plans to prosper you! You will get back EVERYTHING the devil stole! Now, go ahead and praise Him in advance for it! 💞

Nature - Week of September 24, 2018 ~ Don't give up!


As I move from shock to allowing myself to feel and seek refuge in God concerning the struggle I face this week, I am reminded to remain steadfast with the Lord. I am reminded that my trust, faith and hope, should be in Him. I am reminded of His love.

I have found myself just sitting in His presence, more often than not, in complete silence, so broken, I do not even know the words to express how I feel. I am comforted by The One who laid His life down. He reminds me that I am not alone and that many of you are too, struggling.

May you remain steadfast in your faith & hope in Christ and may He wash away all your sorrow with His immeasurable love, today and always!

 Grass - Week of September 24, 2018 ~ Don't give up!


One thing that has helped me through this situation we face as a family so far, is my praise. I turn on worship music and just begin to sing out to Abba. I even open to Psalms and just begin to sing them to Him at times.

I need Him now more than ever. I am facing something I was not prepared for, nor am I capable of fighting on my own. It is only by His stripes that healing will take place. It is only God's strength allowing me to stand at this point, for if left on my own, I would surely fall to the ground.

His love is overwhelming, and able to extinguish all darkness, negativity, doubt, anxiety, depression...you name it...He alone is our refuge!

Nature - Week of September 24, 2018 ~ Don't give up!


We must remember, no matter what we face in this life, that we serve a MIGHTY GOD! One who works for us, not against us. One who fights our battles. One who keeps us safe, a place of refuge. One who has a plan for our lives and no matter what we endure, will bring Him glory.

We must not give up, in doing so, we allow the enemy the advantage. We allow him to supersede God. No matter what you are facing, continue to give God the glory! Let Him fight your battles...He is more than willing! And He loves us more than our minds can even fathom...

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