Daily Devotional - April 30, 2021

Graphics - Daily Devotional - April 30, 2021

💜 Worship: If you'd like to play a song before you begin or while you read, may we recommend "Changed" by Jordan Feliz. Why not try asking alexa, siri, or google to play it for you?!

💛 Daily Verse: This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!
☆ 2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT

Let's Talk About It: The Holy Spirit is absolutely integral to our transformation and salvation. It is my hope that as we studied this month that you each came to better understand this truth.

The truth is, without God we are not living. No, we are merely existing. Once God steps into our life, we are truly changed. Our old self dies and our new life in Christ begins. Hallelujah!

The best part about living for Christ, in my opinion, is to be able to testify of His goodness and how His power has totally transformed my life.

I am not a drug addict...I've been delivered!
I am not practicing witchcraft and divination...I've been delivered.
I have no guilt or shame...I left that at the Cross of Christ when I decided to pick up mine and follow Him.
I have no sorrow...He's given me pure joy.

And I can only say these things because of the power of God. I could do none of those things without Him. In fact, I didn't do them. HE DID! I tried quitting, and changing, but that was completely impossible in my own power. No, it was the Holy Spirit that has transformed my life.

The truth is, without Him, I wouldn't have even been able to write the devotionals this month. Covid tried to take me down, but I'm still standing, praise God!

I don't know who needs to hear this, but it's time to turn over your life to Christ. You've tried in your own power to change. Some of you still view yourself as the old person you were instead of the new creation you are. I'm talking to YOU. You can be saved and not fully surrendered. Today is a new day and it's time to begin walking in the truth that you've been changed! It's time to surrender, fully.

💛 Prayer: Dear God, thank You for all the gifts and blessings You have poured out on me. Even before I was saved, I can see Your hand in my life. You have always taken care of me, but the most part of my life has been walking with You Lord, and living in Your truths. Holy Spirit, without You, I'm not sure where I would be. You direct my steps and have totally transformed my life due to Your limitless power. Thank You, Jesus for the blood. Lord, I pray that as I live my life day to day others would have a true encounter with You and Your Holy Spirit. Jesus, You are King and You will reign forevermore. I love You Lord. My life is YOURS. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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