Daily Devotional - April 19, 2021

Graphics - Daily Devotional - April 19, 2021

❤ Worship: If you'd like to play a song before you begin or while you read, may we recommend "Born Again" by Austin French. Why not try asking alexa, siri, or google to play it for you?!

💙 Daily Verse: All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is by his great mercy that we have been born again, because God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Now we live with great expectation,
☆ 1 Peter 1:3 NLT

🧡 Let's Talk About It: Regeneration, you've heard me use that word a few times already this month, but what does it mean?

It is a theological term that refers to the implanting of the principle of a new life in the soul, effecting the instantaneous change in man and enabling the sinner to respond in repentance and faith to the proclamation of the Gospel.

Did you catch that? Our regeneration is instantaneous. You may not even feel changed when you are first regenerated. Many, don't. The enemy of our souls uses this to his advantage (think about the parable of the seeds), too.

See, even when you made the choice to believe in Christ, something on the inside changed. This principle changes the disposition of our heart and gives it a new inclination. Our hardened hearts were replaced with pliable hearts of flesh, ready to be molded into the image of Christ Himself.

THIS is the power of the Holy Spirit! It sets the captive free along with the blood of Jesus! Baptism reflects this regeneration within us. It is a physical representation of the New spiritual birth we experience when we choose to make Christ the Lord of our life.

💚 Prayer: Dear God, thank You for saving me through Your precious Holy Spirit. Thank You for making me new on the inside for I know that the outside will change as the inside is dealt with. Help me to remove everything I've placed above You in my life. Help me to remember how far You've brought me when I get discouraged, and remember that I am a new creation in You, God. Thank you for saving me and for regenerating me. I love You, Jesus and in Your mighty name I pray, amen.

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