Apologetics – Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

apologetics - why do bad things happen to good people

“There is no God. If there is a God, then why does bad things happen to good people”?

Welcome back. In the previous post, we explored the skeptic's response that there is no God. Today we will dive into their evidence to God's non-existence.

To simplify this response, the skeptic is denying God’s existence because of the existence of evil. This is actually a very common response. This claim is called “logical contradiction”; God is all-powerful, God is all-loving, and that evil exists. Given that there is an existence of evil, then God, who supposed to contain all the aforementioned qualities can’t possibly exist.

Though their argument appears to be sound, it does have flaws. To make such a statement, it must be proven to be valid in all situations. Just like in a court of law, it must be proven without a shadow of doubt. As Christians knowing the story of Lazarus, we read that Jesus’ dear friend became ill and died. He prayed to God resulting in his resurrection. Jesus mentions ahead of time that the death of Lazarus would aid in bringing the existence of God and glory unto Him (John 11:1-7;14).

(Skeptic) “There is no God. If there is a God, then why do bad things happen to good people?”

(Christian) “Sir, so correct me if I’m wrong. You feel that God doesn’t exist because of the bad things that happen to good people, correct?”

(Skeptic) “Yes, why would a God who is supposed to be all loving, allows such things to happen?”

(Christian) “Well sir, in the belief of God, one understands that He is also wise beyond human comprehension. There are just some things that He does that we will not begin to comprehend why and there are things He does that we clearly can understand the reasoning. Many of the sufferings we witness and evils we see is a result of mankind’s sin and rebellion against God. Our free will, pride, and desires play a huge part. Like a 75-year-old developing lung cancer from smoking cigarettes since the age of 12.”

(Skeptic) “Okay, that explains why some good people have bad things that happen to them, but does not really show how God exists.”

(Christian) “Have you ever heard of cancer patients who was given a limited time to live and miraculously exceeded their death time table? And what is even more amazing, the signs of cancer just disappeared? Truly cancer is a bad thing and many “good people” have gotten it.”

(Skeptic) “Yes, I’ve heard of it happening.”

(Christian) “Well if you explore many of these stories, you will find that their prayers to God where answered. And not only answered, it was done in such a way that their doctors could not explain it nor accept any credit for the healing.”

(Skeptic) “So you’re saying God answered their prayers?”

(Christian) “Yes, and not only did He answer their prayers, He did it so as to only He would get the glory and prove His existence to nonbelievers and skeptics. Sometimes people can have evidence right in front of their face and still choose to not believe. We could even take a look at the many testimonies of people who have died on an operating table; officially declared dead for several moments and miraculously came back to life. Who do you think is responsible for their resurrection? You think they did it themselves?”

By now, you more than likely can see evidence of their stance being destroyed by the look on their face. You don’t have to prove God’s existence in every bad situation that happens to “good people”. You just have to prove one incident which clearly defeats their stance. Be careful to not continue down this path of proving through more examples. Instead, shift back to the topic of the main thing, the Gospel. Continue your presentation and if lead by the Holy Spirit press in and throw the net.

“The believer in God must explain one thing, the existence of sufferings; the nonbeliever, however, must explain the existence of everything else.” – Dennis Prager

“Let us remember that every worldview-not just Christianity’s-must give an explanation or an answer for evil and suffering…this is not just a problem distinctive to Christianity. It will not do for the challenger just to raise the question. The problem of evil is one to which we all must offer an answer, regardless of the belief system to which we subscribe.” – Ravi Zacharias

Thank you for reading. May God bless you with wisdom and even more patience as you share the Gospel to those who are skeptical and may they choose to believe. – Kevin

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