Why Apologetics pt. 2

why apologetics

Welcome back and thank you so much for your encouraging words. As mentioned before, Crystal (my wife) and I are currently under discipleship through Revival Center Community Church and Higher Ground School of Ministry. It is non-denominational and excellent for those who desire to be not just hearers but also doers of the Word. You can click on the link to get more information on Higher Ground School of Ministry.

I personally do not believe I am very wise and acknowledge that it is the Holy Spirit, Whom lives in me and is doing a great work, that demonstrates wisdom through me. When we pray, ‘Let Your words be mine’ in faith, we realize and understand that it is He that will be speaking. I came to also understand that when that burning desire comes over you to share God’s Word, just like with Isaiah, the Lord will have a coal from the altar touch your mouth, prior to you telling Him, “Here I am. Send me (Isaiah 6:8 HCSB).” Therefore, we give the glory to God. 

Now let’s get into “Why Apologetics”. Efficiency is another reason. As defined by the Oxford Languages Dictionary, efficient means working in a well-organized and competent way and preventing the wasteful use of a particular resource. God’s truths are in you. He has revealed these things not just to save you but also so that you may go and take His truths to others so that they too may be delivered from the bondage that is brought on by lies and false teachings. There is a greater efficiency when we study the truth. Additionally, when something that is not true come along, we will be able to recognize it. This is a gift and can also be called discernment. It too, comes from the Holy Spirit.

As we go and do, amazingly we will discover that we cross paths with others who are struggling with what we once struggled with or have the wrong mindset that we once had. Two perfect strangers cross paths that have more in common than they know and one of them have the answers to the other’s problem. The one who was helped is now helping another who is going through the same thing. WOW! Only Jesus could have set that up.

When we apply apologetics, we are showing the Lord, our understanding of the truth that was given to us, and helping others to hopefully see it as well. We usually do this through testimonies, real-world events and scenarios we have encountered or endured, that the person we are speaking to can relate to.

Apologetics help strengthen the faith of the receiver. In this reason of “why”, it’s a clear example of “watering the seed.” Watering the seed refers to the Gospel truth being heard by the person we’re speaking to and we confirm the truth by repeating it (in which they may begin to remember when it was first told to them) or phrasing it in a different way so that they may get a better or deeper understanding of what they have previously heard. It’s sort of like we are confirming that the truth they previously heard is true.

The last point I want to make towards why Apologetics is that Jesus said there will be times of persecution. Knowing this, it means we will find ourselves in a situation, where we will have to explain why we choose to place our hope and faith in Jesus. Even through the suffering, we must still, “…worship Christ as Lord in your life. And if someone asks you about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain (1 Peter 3:15 NLT).”

Persecution can come from many areas and each have their suffering effect on the Christian. It can come from a country that kills people for just having a Bible and saying the name Jesus, or a family member who withholds love from you because you choose to take the yolk of Jesus instead of the other religion that your family has practiced for generations. However, even though Jesus said this will happen, He also says, “Those who are persecuted for righteousness are blessed, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs (Matthew 5:10 HCSB).” Now that’s good news!

We’re going to end there. Thank you again for your patience in reading this long post. And I wish to remind you that Crystal and I welcome all questions and comments. Please feel free to reach out if you are in need of a deeper explanation of what we have gone over. When leaving comments or suggestions, our only requirements are to remember who we (you and I) are in Christ, who we are to represent, and to please use the fruit of the Spirit with your words.

I hope you enjoyed it and got something from this post. In the next post, we will be taking a look at “How to use Apologetics”. May God bless you with a holy boldness to share the Gospel and be truth bringers to all who cross your path. – Kevin


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