What is Apologetics?

what is apologetics

Before diving into the possible questions that one may encounter when sharing the Christian faith, we will first explore the what, why, and how of apologetics. Each will be done in separate posts.

Many have never heard of this term. I first heard the term when my wife was taking the class in her Seminary School. My first thought was, ‘Why do I need to apologize for my Christian faith?’

As soon as I began my personal walk with Jesus, I was introduced to many new terms associated with the Christian faith and religion as a whole. I admit, I felt like I was a third grader being taught algebra. I remember telling Crystal, “I don’t need to know all those college professor terms and stuff. I just need to believe in the One He sent and tell others about Him. I’ll just stick to using and quoting Scriptures.” (Laughing)

I know now that I was slightly off the mark and still quite a toddler in my understanding. I thank God for a teachable heart. To put it in a different way, one will find it very difficult to carry on a conversation about their favorite football team if they only know the city the team is located in and a couple players that make the highlight reel. 

Let’s now take a look at this word that’s seldom heard by Christians. What is apologetics? The Wycliffe Bible Dictionary states that the term is derived from the Greek verb apologeomai, meaning “to give an answer back,” “reply,” or “defend one’s position.” In simple terms, it is the defense of the faith of the individual Christian. In its completeness, apologetics is the defense and justification of the Christian faith and of the revelation given in the Holy Scriptures against the attack of doubters and unbelievers (not to be confused with disputes amongst fellow Christians over the non essentials).

In addition, it is the development of a positive evangelical presentation of the facts given in the Bible, the reasonableness of God’s revelation to man in Scripture, and Scripture’s ample sufficiency alone to meet the complete spiritual needs of man. Therefore, apologetics is not just a negative and defensive exercise of one’s faith, but also a positive and offensive exercise as well. It is used in defense of the gospel as well as in its propagation. (That’s another one of them “professor terms” I’ve come to know. LOL)

Apologetics is a highly important element of our Christian faith. It is a necessity yet, often overlooked by most Christians. Sadly, most Christians leave apologetics up to their pastors to do. Some believe the fulfillment of evangelism is simply to invite someone to their church, once again, leaving the sharing of the Good News up to their Spiritual leaders. I was that type of Christian for a long time. I truly thought that I was leading someone to Jesus by just inviting them to my church. One day, the Holy Spirit convicted me with this statement, “How can you believe in Jesus and say you love Jesus but refuse to tell others about Him or share why you choose to follow Him?” As the beloved founding Pastor of our church once said in one of his testimonies, “I was undone.” 

Throughout this season of diving into apologetics, there will be two verses in Scripture that you will see very often. They are Matthew 26:18-20, also known as The Great Commission, which is our evangelism activation, and 1 Peter 3:15, which is our charge of apologetics. 

By constantly seeking a relationship with Jesus through the studying of His word and Scripture, we will discover a revival of the desire to share and the ability to defend our Christian faith. Studying and etching His word on our hearts, adds an additional tool in the arsenal to defeat the enemy who is without flesh. – Kevin Gray

“Sometimes when showing that Jesus is the only way, you have to prove/show how the other ways are invalid. By doing so, we are destroying every principality and evil thing that is against the Word of God; Not through violence but spirit of speech.” – Dr. John Stevenson

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